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its been a while   
10:34pm 07/09/2011
mood: accomplished
it's been a while i know. ive had another journal that i was writing in - i deleted that one today but I do have a newer one if you're interested if you are just comment and i'll add you :)

(1 fistful of tears | and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

10:40pm 29/03/2010
  Spring Break is bumming me out. It's still early yet but it's not even busy. I blame the brilliant one who decided it was a good idea to make the HP announcement before Spring Break. We all know that the projections in the parks were based off WWoHP opening in Spring 2010. fail. with that being said. I will leave you with this..

I love how both Anthony and Derek are in this picture, and of course, Will.

(1 fistful of tears | and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

Where to begin?   
07:34pm 14/03/2010
  Ahh lets see what have I been up to? Work. Work has been treating my fairly well giving the theme park normalcy. I transferred to a new attraction and so far it's treating me pretty well. I miss all my babies at Sky Trolley especially Taryn, Anthony, and Mike. But so far the new ride is keeping me busy which makes the time fly by. I'm really excited about spring break at work. Not only do I constantly get lead shifts, but hopefully I prove myself to everyone that I need to in order to get status'd. I'm just lucky to be a big venue.

Derek has been keeping my busy as well. He's not so lucky with work but he's been there 10 years he can hold out a little longer until he can catch his big break I suppose. We have been talking about moving in with one another - which wouldn't be until after the summer rush and Potter opening. He's been in St. Augustine all weekend at the Harvest of Hope fest which I would have loved to have gone but I wanted it to be just him and his best friend because they don't see each other often so it's nice to just hang out and have bro time. Derek also bought Bonnaroo tickets and I want to go so bad but I know I wouldn't be able to afford it but we'll see what happens.

One of my favorite supervisors left last night to head out to California. It honestly broke my heart to see her go. She remembers what it's like to be a lead and she doesn't treat anyone disrespectfully and she enjoys fighting for the ones who need a little boost. But she is going to California to do a nonprofit organization and what not so it's for a good cause. I'm jealous of her but most of all I'm so thankful to have met her and continue to have her just a facebook message away and I can always talk to her on Skype. We went to Sweet Tomatoes last night and went to Fun Spot. We just hung out and it was just sad when we actually had to leave her. 

(1 fistful of tears | and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

because those stupid southern yuppies they don't like to see a punk rock kid with his head held high   
09:20am 27/12/2009
mood: accomplished
Time for a semi real update.

So I don't really update this journal too much because I spent most of my time on tumblr. It's addicting I try to stray away from it, but I just can't seem to do it. Work has been all right I'm not getting all the hours I'd like but hey, at least I have a job. I have good days and bad days there. I just get so frustrated because I see people who have certain responsibilities that shouldn't and it just drives me nuts. Oh well, such is life I suppose. Thanksgiving was okay giving the circumstances. Everyone around me worked but when Derek got off Dragon's we went to his house and had some dinner. Christmas was a little better. We exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve before the little board game party over at Taryn's.

Christmas Gifts:
  • Down Pillow
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Stuffed Giraffe
  • Philadelphia Eagles umbrella
  • Foot Sponge
  • Foot Cream
  • Chocolates & various candies
  • Ulta gift card $50
  • Body Shop gift card $20
  • a day planner and pen
  • A picture of me and my dad blown up and put into a frame
  • Apples to Apples
  • Meditation kit? (i don't know why)
  • a Watch
  • Polka Dot Sheet set
  • Bath Salts
  • Brushes
  • Hair ties

Just incase you cared. Derek told me last night he's going to attempt to make me a pillow case for my new pillow, so it's "my" pillow. I thought that was really cute and thoughtful actually. It's the little things that he does that make my heart go. Today is Derek's birthday that we're going to spend the day going to Keller's to get some BBQ early in the afternoon. Derek's football team, the Broncos are playing the Eagles which is amazing so around 4ish we better be near a TV. Then this evening we're going to dinner with a bunch of our friends at Tangos.

Last night I made contact with my Aunt Lin. I haven't spoken to her in several years and I've been worried. I was worried that she got sick or something and passed away or that I've done something wrong to make her not want me in her life.  We communicated through text messages and there were only 4 but they made me feel really better. I just simply told her to call me when she has some free time. I want to hold my breath, but I wont only because I don't want to be let down.

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

tumblr is the new livejournal. add me.   
11:57am 11/12/2009
mood: amused

(3 fistful of tears | and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

09:06am 22/11/2009
  I'll be at the Social tonight seeing Chuck Ragan and the revival tour. come say hi.  

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

I'm still alive   
05:59am 11/11/2009
mood: awake
Horror Nights was great for the most part. Here enjoy some pictures :)


(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

there's a beautiful sky tonight   
10:23pm 20/10/2009
mood: cheerful
I have been on my death bed for about a week now. I called into work Friday - Sunday and it sucks because I need to money so bad but there was so way I could fake my way through basic functions. Thursday when I went into work everyone knew how I felt and they could see I obviously was under the weather. It was weird actually, I couldn't tell if I was just sick or if it was just allergies. My throat didn't hurt but it was swollen and closing up on me causing me to cough up a lung and basically beg for air. Occasionally I'd get a little light headed and get all fuzzy. I just couldn't breathe. Needless to say I haven't been able to have a full night's sleep in a week and I'm hoping tonight is the night.

I also can't wait to kiss Derek. I haven't kissed him since I've been sick and it's just crazy how bad I want to kiss him. We don't kiss every night but since I can't have it then I want it so much.

Horror Nights have been going well. Tomorrow starts 'Hell week' and thats pretty exciting. I don't want to go back to my normal every day venue because it's going to be so dull and I'm not too thrilled with the way my team has evolved over the past couple of months.

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

live long and prosper   
10:50pm 30/09/2009
mood: exhausted
My life is suddenly consumed by Portishead and Sia. My nights are spent with Frankensteins and team members. I go to sleep every night extremely exhausted. Today I was actually happy with Florida. The weather was typical Indian summer. I have my window open right now and instead of the scent of real leaves falling to the ground and crunching under my feet I have a tea lite oil infuser filling my room with the scent of "spiced cider" which is amazing by the way.

Derek and I are looking at places to move in with one another. It's kind of exciting and this feels so real that I'm actually nervous about moving out. It wont happen until January but still we're getting an eye on a few things to see where we want to move around town and what we both can afford together.

and Dennis Hopper has swine flu.

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

Pictures from the wedding   
01:17pm 24/09/2009
mood: calm

Dane and I in Saint Matthews

Derek and I at the reception

waiting for the ceremony to begin. Derek took shots of everyone in our row.


(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

so heres to life living miserable and all the stories I've told.   
11:23pm 18/09/2009
mood: amused
I wish I had more interesting things to write here. Derek and I spent the day getting some final things for the wedding tomorrow. I found some shoes to wear with my dress, cute steve madden sandals. He went to express and bought two new shirts and some ties. He looks so good in ties, hence why going to the wedding is going to be worth my while. We stopped in Urban Outfitters for some kidrobot shit. Then went to Williams-Sonoma for a wedding present. I will admit the entire time walking around that place I'm thinking in my head.. I'll add this to my non existent wedding registry. Thats about it.

Horror Nights start soon. I'm excited for that. My finger nails are painted "I'm not really a waitress" which makes me happy.

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

with a sense of pride, oh stupid southern yuppies don't like punk rock with his head held high   
02:59pm 12/09/2009
mood: bouncy
It's been a while. I don't post much anymore simply because my keyboard on the laptop decides when it wants to work and today it just so happens to work. I'm taking a break from playing Arkham Asylum to update this bad boy, catch up on twitter and tumblr. I've been over obsessed with tumblr and I can't seem to stop. http://ashleyxsober.tumblr.com/ check it out. anyways.. whats new?

Well Halloween Horror Nights starts for me in about a week. I have a busy week well, I should say that I'm going to be busy for the next six weeks. Tuesday I have HHN lead training for the houses, Thursday I have my interview for the Wizardening World of Harry Potter, Friday I have a lead outting with consists of Volunteer work in the a.m. and followed by Texas de Brazil, Saturday is Dale's wedding which I think I'm more excited to see Derek dressed up.. and I bought a $50 dress from Express which fits me in all the right ways. I still need to find shoes for it. Sunday is the team member training for HHN, Monday is the queue build, and then Tuesday is the team member preview. First night of HHN is Thursday and thats where you can find me the next month. yikes busy busy.

Derek is amazing as usual, not a day goes by that I'm blessed with him.

thats really about it. hope everyone is doing well

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

Halloween Horror Nights 2009!!   
04:41pm 29/08/2009
mood: ecstatic

I'm leadingg the Frankenstein house and I'm pretty pumped right now

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

And to you, solidarity's a four-letter word.   
02:26pm 10/08/2009
mood: thankful
I'm floored by the generosity of the Bell family. The other night Derek and I were having a nice dinner and he brought up the topic of getting me a new phone. I need a new phone and it's been over 4 years since I actually bought a new phone and it's about that time. I''m on a phone plan wit my ex because my mom ran up my phone bill when I let her borrow it. She never paid it. I have horrible credit now thanks to that. Apparently, this all came up during a conversation that Derek and his mother and his parents have offered to pay for my down payment on a plan in my own name and I believe that Derek said.. he''d pay for half of my new phone. I wanted to break down and cry because honestly, I hate asking for help and I have a huge pride issue. He insisted that I take this offer and I'm going to. Now I just need to know how much I need for a down payment and I need to figure out which phone I should get and what not.

I''m so thankful.

(1 fistful of tears | and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

Yeah, everyone feels alone. Maybe more, maybe less, maybe this year or next or when they grow old.   
09:51pm 06/08/2009
mood: amused


(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

Dreamed I was an astronaut. I shot you down like a juggernaut.   
09:33am 30/07/2009
mood: cheerful
I'm pretty stoked. Today/tonight is my day early birthday dinner. It's going to be a good time, a big crowd is going so they say and there will be great food since it's at cafe tu tu tangos. Not too much else really going on. Derek wanted to see a movie this afternoon and then Will is coming up from lakeland with his girlfriend and we're supposed to play some mini golf before dinner. Will thinks he can beat me :)

Tomorrow night - my actual birthday I'm going out with Derek and his parents to either seasons 52 or Stonewood. I'm not too sure where yet, but I'm excited to go out. I wish I had something nice to wear but I'm sure i'll find something in my closet.

Saturday I have to go into work and do some views but that should only last a couple of hours.

Sunday I might go to downtown disney to do the little psuedo hot air balloon ride and the Princess Diana exhibit, which I'm stoked on.

I can't believe I'm turning 24. It's funny though because two of my friends turned 30 this year. It's really crazy. We're all getting so old and its inevitable. I'm just baffled by the fact that I'm getting a little old here. I get excited when it's other's birthdays but mine is just bitter sweet. I have regrets about past birthdays but then some birthdays are unforgettable.

my nails are painted in OPI I prefer pink and I'm ready to go.

(2 fistful of tears | and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

08:59pm 16/07/2009



(1 fistful of tears | and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

because friends don't waste wine when there's words to sell   
12:29pm 14/07/2009
  i want the old ryan back. comic books and ritas. larrys and baseball.  

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

I got paranoia in my heels   
11:35am 09/07/2009
mood: anxious
I really cannot wait for the Avett Brothers next week. I need this - I need to see his face light up again. It's been a while.

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)

consider a letter that i never sent. however inconsiderate it seems.   
01:38pm 07/07/2009
mood: jubilant
Hello July! my birthday is coming up. The only thing I have planned is a dinner party at Cafe Tu Tu Tangos. I'm pretty excited for it really. I'm more excited to get all dressed up for it and spend it with all my fabulous friends.

Today is a day off for me, it's pretty nice actually. It's rainy and thundering. Perfect chill weather. I tried to convince derek this morning to call in so we can spend the day making love to the sound of thunder and that we could go pick up his Against Me! album that came out today and pick out my dinner dress. He went to work anyways, he's so dedicated. He left money under my pillow (sorta makes me feel like a hooker) but told me to go buy two dresses for the dinner and such. He tries so hard to be so kind and generous, little does he know he doesn't need to try.

I got to see Bubs yesterday :) I always enjoy seeing him.

I plan on spending the rest of my day playing xbox and napping.

(and you don't wear my heart around your neck no more.)